Sunday, January 12, 2014

Intro to next week's Guest Poster/Author!

I have a guest post, er, poet today! We'll start with the basics:

Her name is Jeniann Bowers. Her most notable work is Expressions and Letters, a soulful collection of poetry.


Brief Bio: Jeniann has been writing poetry for seven years and has one previous poetry book published, Expression on Life Book One, but recently retired it to publish Expressions and Letters, which is a follow-up book that has twenty-one new poems and personal letters written to the reader.
   Jeniann’s writing techniques are somewhat different from other poets. Jeniann writes mainly condolences poetry about her true feelings and about her life and events that take place.

    Jeniann’s featured video trailer to Expressions and Letters displaying the poem “Last Year” can be found at:

Summary of Expressions and Letters:

Expressions and Letters is a poetry book about Jeniann’s life events, such as poems about the passing of family members, sad love poems that Jeniann wrote years ago will trying to save her marriage, and random thoughts about life in general. Expressions and Letters is unique and different because Jeniann includes personal letters after series of poems about the poetry, this helps connect to her readers on a whole new level. 

A teaser from Expressions and Letters:

Hearts Desire

Lurking in the dark
Are hidden marks
Of love so true
You and me
Just as thee
Searching for the one to be
Only to see
Daylights bright
For we are blinded in the dark
To search for the love
Our hearts desire

But will never be found
For love is blind
But in our minds
We still hunt our prey
Wanting him or her
To this day


In the kitchen, with her apron on
Baking this and that, at morning dawn
Sugar cookies, fresh from the oven
With her hair up in a bun

Momma was a special lady
Her peanut brittle was so crunchy
She cared for everyone she knew
Her eyes were the prettiest blue

Always creative, never dull
Her mood was blissful
Sewing quilts of joy
For a new baby boy

Momma was a gentle soul
Her love was whole
Never a fragment
With that she meant

In heaven and beyond
Momma’s love was such a bond
Even though she is gone
Everyone still feels drawn

Momma’s love was pure
She was no amateur

In the kitchen, with her apron on
Baking this and that, at morning dawn

Published Book List:
Expression on Life (Retired)
Publisher: Bowers
Editor: KayCee K.Wingfield

Expressions and Letters
Publisher: Bowers
Creator: KayCee K.Wingfield

A print-up of my interview with Jeniann: 

Me: At what age did you first begin writing for fun?
      J: I started writing back in high school for a way to express my feelings on what was happening in my world at the time.

Me: Do you have any new works to be published in 2014?
       J:  Yes, I am getting ready to release Expressions and Letters on the 17th of January, it is for sale but the promotion will start the 17th and I also have a second book that I will be releasing on January 25, 2014 and it is called Phraseology and Letters. I also have published a Collection of 25 days of Christmas Poetry that I shared with my readers on my blog and recently turned into a book.

Me: Is there anything you would tell your fans if you were looking at them all right now face-to-face?
  J: I would tell my fans, not to ever give up on your dreams. Whatever the barriers are, they can be beaten to reach a dream, I know because I am doing it. I face many barriers everyday of my life, emotionally and physically.

Me: Where does your best inspiration or creativity come from?
    J: My best inspiration comes from my kids and a great friend, Cindy. As for you inspired I to become a poet would be Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. These poets are my heroes in poetry.

Me: What is your favorite poetry style (e.g. haiku, sonnet)?

    J: My favorite poetry style is free verse and genre would be condolences poetry. I like free verse because I can be creative with my writing and have more say in how I write it. Condolences poetry is poems that come from the heart about personal journeys. 

Where to find Jeniann’s poetry and books:

Expressions and Letters (Print edition)

Expressions and Letters (eBook edition)







Jeniann will be doing a guest post in a few days! Keep an eye out.