Sunday, December 22, 2013

Preliminary Post

It is highly advisable that you read this post before going on to read the rest of my blog.

The following stories are not to brag about, to demean, or to humiliate my child. This is simply the documenting of a new mom who wishes to always remember the First Five Years. My memory is like swiss cheese, and so, in an effort to never forget these first sweet years with my first baby, I have chosen to chronicle the day-to-day goings-on, the mundane, and the hysterical happenings in my household. Consider this a journal--you lucky few who find this blog buried in the innermost recesses of the interwebs will get an inside peek at the life of an adoptive mom. This is truly a unique and rare thing to find. I pledge to be as honest as apple pie--scouts' honor!

These stories began on my Facebook page (see shameless plug for my fan page here: ) and so many people find them entertaining, and the statuses can become so long sometimes, that I have decided to put them into a blog instead. The first few stories will be carried over from my Facebook page and I shall date them accordingly to avoid confusion.

Full Disclosure: My son (I shall call him Joey here) was born three years ago and adopted at birth. Please do not ask for details, all I will say is we will be eternally grateful to biomom for choosing to bless our family with a child.

You are now ready to read the next post. Enjoy!